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Find the right people with the right digital expertise at the right time for the successful delivery of your projects.

Why Use Telescope?

Use Telescope profiles to find people within your organization and discover more about every individual you find. Each profile offers at-a-glance insights into employees' skills and abilities, such as technical skills, language, activities, projects, corporate trainings, social profile and more. With Telescope, you can:

  • Search for specific individuals within the company
  • View employee abilities and accomplishments in an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Celebrate employee achievements with gamified recognition features
  • Find employees with the right skills to fill future project roles
  • Understand employee skills gaps and identify potential development opportunities
  • Discover and engage with employees critical to your ongoing success as a business
  • Find the most talented resources in your organization needed for those mission-critical projects

Explore Other Applications

  • Dashboard
  • Health Monitor
  • Performance Monitor
  • Global Menu


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