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Health Monitor

Monitor which projects need help and see which are in good standing with a health overview.

Why Use Health Monitor?

Use Health Monitor as a project status dashboard to give your decision-makers a high-level view of digital projects in development and clearly show where projects are running into difficulties or need additional attention or resources, as well as those areas that are doing fine and progressing according to plan. With Health Monitor, you can:

  • Understand the status of each digital transformation project in a single user-friendly view
  • Define and mitigate major challenges for each project
  • Determine and track the status of projects across the entire organization
  • Assess project and people costs associated with digital initiatives to contribute to the overall ROI calculation
  • Assess project staffing requirements and plan accordingly to ensure seamless staffing execution
  • Forecast team needs and requirements for successful execution of projects
  • Communicate and prioritize firefighting efforts, escalate challenges and request help in real time throughout the organization
  • Track and monitor organizational compliance 

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