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Management & Operations Teams

From managing day-to-day processes to setting long-term business strategy, organizations lack a clear picture of how to optimize their operations to run at peak efficiency while navigating digital transformation. TelescopeAI™ offers a unified digital transformation platform that serves AI-driven insights on people, projects and productivity to key decision-makers.

Common Pain Points Facing Management & Operations Teams

Disparate data sources can result in an inaccurate depiction of your company's various digital projects and activities. By consolidating your insights on one platform, you get a crystal-clear picture of your work – from what has already been finished to what has yet to be completed. TelescopeAI can help you pilot the following pain points:

  • Managing ROI
  • Tracking Productivity
  • Allocating Training Resources
  • Enabling Business Automation
  • Staffing Teams
  • Optimizing Processes

Make More Informed Management & Operations Decisions

TelescopeAI provides both a high-level and granular view of your organization’s people, project and productivity data so that you can tackle management and operations challenges before they become a problem, enabling you to improve overall operational performance. Here are just a few of the things you can do with TelescopeAI:

  • See how your digital product and project teams are performing against others in the organization
  • Get a 360-degree view of the entire digital project lifecycle, including IT KPIs that are critical to the entire organization and project ROI
  • Review employee productivity and output across product teams that span geographies
  • Track individual, project and organization-wide processes to ensure key stakeholder satisfaction 
  • Automate business and project proposal workflows
  • Discover any gaps in any operations and provide the necessary resources to fill those gaps
  • Make your digital transformation projects more successful by deploying the right talent at the right time


See a complete breakdown of TelescopeAI’s benefits and use cases for IT operations.


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