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Effortlessly Aggregate Content to Deliver Compelling Insights

Disparate data sources can result in an inaccurate depiction of your company's various projects and activities. By consolidating your insights on one platform, you get a crystal clear picture of your work – from what has already been finished to what has yet to be completed. 


With TelescopeAI's intuitive, flexible platform, you can see farther into your unified data so that you can navigate challenges before they become a problem, enabling you to operate at peak performance. No matter your geography or time zone, you'll always have visibility across all aspects of your business and powerful insights at your fingertips. You can:

  • See how your product and project teams are performing against others in the organization 
  • Get a 360-degree view of the entire project lifecycle, including IT KPIs that are critical to the entire organization and project ROI 
  • Review employee productivity and output across product teams that span geographies
  • Track individual, project and organization-wide processes to ensure key stakeholder satisfaction  
  • Automate business and project proposal workflows 
  • Discover any gaps in any operations and provide the necessary resources to fill those gaps


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