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With a proven track record of designing, delivering and operating next-gen digital platforms from ideation to development, EPAM, the company behind TelescopeAI™, can guide you through the digital transformation challenges your business is facing and help build a strategy around optimizing how you manage your people, the projects they’re working on and their overall productivity. Our services can guide you through the following stages of making TelescopeAI work for your organization:


Get Started

If you're just getting started with building your enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy, we can help you translate your vision and define goals. Additionally, we can determine and validate your strategic direction and platform operational approach via a range of assessments on your market-driven needs and requirements.

Gain Momentum

Next, it's time to make sure your key stakeholders buy into your strategy and approach when it comes to digital disruption. For current and prospective stakeholders, we can help you develop a governance and organizational structure, evaluate processes and define goals. We can also consult on the current and future state of your system’s architecture and design, as well as its inventory and components.

Achieve Objectives

As you continue building your digital platform and strategy, you’ll find that you need to prepare for new systems, along with new organizational and operational processes. We can help you address and validate these models and approaches, as well as define critical KPIs and analyze any requirements gaps to execute future strategies.

Reach Best-of-Breed

At this stage, you’ll need to assess and develop best-in-class systems and operations to further solidify your digital transformation. We can help you evaluate ongoing operational plans, approaches and KPIs, as well as align planned and actual systems delivery to tackle dynamic market conditions and changing business requirements.

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Turn Your Project & Employee Data into the Perfect Convergence of Insights

See the Information that Matters, through One Lens

Pulling all your company's insights and intelligence together in one platform, TelescopeAI gives you a comprehensive view of your core KPIs to help you reach peak productivity.

A Flexible, Customizable Platform for Data Visualization

Drag-and-drop, plug-and-play applications make interacting with your data a more compelling, practical and personalized experience.

Anticipate Potential Risks & Threats to your Operations

When you're able to gauge what might happen in the future, you can act in the present to effectively navigate any obstacles.

Be More Intelligent about your Business

Your high-stakes initiatives require people and projects to run smoothly and be executed successfully. TelescopeAI gives you a long-range view to accomplish just that.


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