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AI & Predictive Analytics

Predict Success – And Failure – Faster Than Ever

With TelescopeAI™’s artificial intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities, you can leverage current and historical data to make more informed decisions about the digital transformation projects whose success will define your organization.

Glimpse into the Future So You Can Act in the Present

TelescopeAI arms your business’ digital projects with tools for data discovery, analysis, interpretation and efficient usage to predict the future, not just analyze the past. You can:

  • Anticipate potential digital project risks with AI serving as an early warning system based on historical project data
  • Optimize the digitally-enabled candidate search process by pairing an individual who has the right technical skills and experience to an open role via configurable matching models
  • Prevent employee burn-out and increase job satisfaction by calculating data and 'advising' on professional growth opportunities or position rotation between projects
  • Forecast trends within large populations in the long term and predict the behavior of an individual in the short term  
  • Reduce the time spent identifying major productivity risks on digital projects from days to minutes
  • Prioritize and build strategies around your digital transformation’s key focus areas and business goals

Predictive Capabilities at a Glance

Rotation Score

Rotation Score indicates when it makes sense to consider an employee to be rotated to a new position based on a combination of several indicators.

Predictive Capabilities at a Glance

Predicted Attrition Score

Predicted Attrition Score provides KPIs illustrating the various factors that may lead an individual to leave your organization.

Predictive Capabilities at a Glance

Skills Score

Skills Score assesses the qualities of an employee’s CV that provide insight into growth opportunities.

Predictive Capabilities at a Glance

Employee to Position – Best Match

Employee to Position suggests the best positions for employees based on their skills, location, preferences and experience.

Predictive Capabilities at a Glance

Position to Employee – Best Match

Position to Employee smart matching searches for the 10 best candidates to fill a position with customizable matching criteria weight for each position.

Predictive Capabilities at a Glance

Employee Impact Score

Employee Impact Score shows how likely any given employee’s contribution will affect overall company performance.

Turn Your Project & Employee Data into the Perfect Convergence of Insights

See the Information that Matters, through One Lens

Pulling all your company's insights and intelligence together in one platform, TelescopeAI gives you a comprehensive view of your core KPIs to help you reach peak productivity.

A Flexible, Customizable Platform for Data Visualization

Drag-and-drop, plug-and-play applications make interacting with your data a more compelling, practical and personalized experience.

Anticipate Potential Risks & Threats to your Operations

When you're able to gauge what might happen in the future, you can act in the present to effectively navigate any obstacles.

Be More Intelligent about your Business

Your high-stakes initiatives require people and projects to run smoothly and be executed successfully. TelescopeAI gives you a long-range view to accomplish just that.


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