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Optimize Tech Ops through AI-Driven Insights

ABOUT TelescopeAI

Using AI analytics, TelescopeAI gives you insights to proactively manage critical IT operations and deliver projects more efficiently.

Health Monitor

Review projects in development, identify projects that are challenged and need additional resources, or are operating according to plan

Performance Monitor

Drill down to the smallest details regarding current projects, getting the highest level of delivery transparency necessary to drive project success


Find the right people with the right skills at the right time for the successful delivery of your technology projects


Provide visibility into your critical KPIs through over 40 customizable widgets


What We Do

Tech teams spend most of their time firefighting and are unable to focus on deliverables and effectively manage stakeholders. TelescopeAI adds clarity to complex IT processes, enabling your tech team to better understand important IT project details and work at peak performance. We specialize in enabling the following within your enterprise:


How We Do It

Designed for TechOps teams to manage their unique IT project needs, TelescopeAI fits seamlessly into your way of working. By integrating with market-leading tools and technologies, such as JIRA, GitHub, Jenkins and more, the platform overlays existing enterprise system of records to provide a unified view of IT operations.


Who We Do It For

TelescopeAI is a single-source solution that helps today’s distributed technology teams unlock valuable IT operations insights. The platform allows you to see exactly where your IT projects and people are now, and where you need them to be in the future.

Backed by Years of Services Expertise

With a proven track record of designing, delivering and operating next-generation digital IT platforms from ideation to development, our team can guide you through the challenges your TechOps organization is facing and help build a strategy around your IT intelligence initiatives.

TelescopeAI won a 2019 BIG Innovation Award presented by the Business Intelligence Group



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