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Performance Monitor

Unpack digital project details to get the highest level of transparency necessary to drive success.

Why Use Performance Monitor?

Use Performance Monitor as a dashboard to view high-level summaries or drill down on the smallest details and specific information regarding current digital projects to increase transparency about how they are performing. Measure productivity and track and analyze projects with specification pages, including project summary, requirements, progress, velocity, engineering, quality, estimation, workload, capacity and compliance information. With Performance Monitor, you can:

  • Ensure digital transformation projects are delivered on time, on budget and on spec
  • Assess a project’s ROI for cost and resource management
  • Estimate and manage project workload, as well as determine individual and team productivity and utilization
  • Understand the key metrics of projects across your organization to determine overall solution resiliency and reliability
  • Uncover data-driven delivery metrics and KPIs to assess project status and manage stakeholder expectations
  • Manage project team and organizational compliance across IT delivery operations
  • View status and details regarding code quality
  • Get a 360-degree view of processes and assess those that need improvements versus those operating at peak efficiency
  • Enable teams to monitor productivity and determine potential bottlenecks

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