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Technology Stakeholder Management

As an IT leader, you must ensure that stakeholders outside of the IT organization are well-informed and satisfied with the direction and status of technology projects. You need a comprehensive tool to manage critical KPIs to help communicate the technology organization’s ROI and expected results. With TelescopeAI, you can:

  • Provide transparency between IT and non-IT organizations
  • Determine resource, knowledge, funding or leadership gaps and communicate them to key stakeholders
  • Efficiently communicate project statuses, trends and issues to key stakeholders
  • Quickly and efficiently engage various IT and business SMEs across the entire organization
  • Track and manage multiple dependencies and see issues in near-real time
  • Understand and manage dependencies between teams and departments
  • Integrate multiple teams reporting and provide critical KPIs across the organization


Learn why leading companies choose TelescopeAI to provide transparency and communicate ROI to key stakeholders.

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