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Core and Shadow IT Mix Management

While your team works to regain control of enterprise IT and ultimately reduce risk-associated costs of technology deployment within your organization, you need a tool that provides transparency around shadow IT systems to ensure alignment with core IT functions. TelescopeAI gives you full visibility into the status of all systems, projects and activities within your organization. You can:

  • Quickly identify available resources and connect them with SMEs to address pain points and resolution paths
  • Determine resource, knowledge, skill or project gaps and communicate them to key stakeholders
  • Communicate with stakeholders on the status and progress of systems takeover and/or replacement
  • Manage risks and surface unknown issues in the hand-over process for IT systems and processes from shadow IT organizations.
  • Track and manage IT compliance throughout the entire core and shadow IT mix management process
  • Understand and address the root causes of shadow IT issues, whether it’s lack of IT resources, inefficiency of IT processes or lapse of communication
  • Find or bring in expertise in multiple technologies and platforms that are not the core expertise of the organization


Learn why leading companies with shadow IT systems choose TelescopeAI to reduce risk-associated costs of technology deployment.

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