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Dive deeper into your organization's inner workings


Gain a Deeper Understanding of Enterprise Activities

As project statuses get buried, you risk interrupting important operations and missing out on lucrative opportunities. Just having the ability to see your business insights is one thing, but turning those insights into action is exactly what you need to stay ahead in today's hyper competitive world.

Add Clarity to Insights That Were Once Out of Focus

With so many gears in motion at once, it can be difficult to step back and see the big picture in your business. Getting access to and understanding the information relevant to your work is critical to progress. The TelescopeAI™ platform enables you to truly know the people and projects in your organization and achieve the following goals:

Interpret and proactively manage the various factors, such as compensation and role, that may lead to higher attrition

Ensure IT employees are engaged and motivated by assessing job satisfaction among groups or individuals

Measure workload and capacity to make sure that tech teams are load balanced and actively engaged in projects

Compare planned project timelines for completion and execution against future projections based on data trends

View and understand project status and all the important metrics around mission-critical initiatives

Understand the ROI of IT projects and team activities on these projects

Gauge stakeholder satisfaction for projects and activities undertaken on their behalf

Unleash Powerful Data & Insights for Mission-Critical Functions

TelescopeAI uses advanced artificial intelligence and powerful predictive analytics to help your business operate at peak performance and come out ahead in a competitive landscape. Here are just a few of the advantages you get when using TelescopeAI:

  • Consolidate the KPIs that matter to you in a flexible, customizable dashboard 
  • View statuses, performance and efficiency of IT projects across the entire organization 
  • Review IT costs and ROIs of projects and activities, as well as the impact they have on the budget 
  • Assess key risks and challenges in projects and identify potential solutions based on historical data 
  • Visualize current project timelines and future projections based on existing data and past performance trends
  • Gauge the productivity of various technology teams engaged in projects 
  • Assess code quality including long-term code maintainability 
  • Discover people with specific technical skills who could fill new roles or contribute to projects as your business needs change 
  • Recognize employee performance and identify knowledge workers who are likely to leave the company


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