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How We Do It


By leveraging machine learning, you can streamline tedious internal processes and increase your tech team productivity across various stakeholders and their mission-critical IT projects.

Using AI analytics, TelescopeAI™ pulls actionable insights from various data sources, giving you the ability to assess cross-domain projects, as well as better understand and articulate their business value. The platform fits seamlessly into your way of working by integrating market-leading tools and technologies, such as JIRA, GitHub, Jenkins and more.

Actionable Intelligence Transforming Your Day-To-Day

TelescopeAI lets you view tech teams and IT projects from existing enterprise platforms through one lens to ensure higher engagement, productivity and successful delivery. Here are some of the key features that empower you to manage TechOps more effectively:

Artificial Intelligence

With its predictive analytics, configurable matching and scoring models, TelescopeAI allows you to tackle challenges and take advantage of opportunities in real-time.



TelescopeAI taps into your current and historic data to help you make sense of critical IT enterprise information and act based on those insights.


Data Harmonization

By unifying and harmonizing disparate sources of data, TelescopeAI gives a clear, comprehensive picture of your technology organization.


Modular Design

Access, organize and interact with your information in a plug-and-play, modular application that offers nearly 50 configurable widgets tracking your role's critical KPIs.


Services Framework

With a proven track record of designing, delivering and operating next-generation digital platforms from ideation to development, our team can guide you through the challenges your business is facing and help build a strategy around your intelligence initiatives.



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