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CIOs, CTOs, IT Leaders & PMOs

Office of the CIO & CTO

Without a full and accurate picture of the status across the entire IT organization, you can’t make effective decisions to ensure your business stakeholder’s satisfaction. Integrating all of your data into one platform enables you to see the true state of your IT business and make more informed decisions on allocating resources, reducing operational expenses and mitigating organizational risks from your mission critical IT projects.

IT Leadership & PMOs

As an IT leader or project manager, you must quickly adapt to any project-related changes, solve challenges and seamlessly execute your strategy. That's why you need a comprehensive, consolidated view of pivotal IT projects to glean insights that will help drive successful project deliveries.

Make More Informed IT Organization Decisions

With TelescopeAI's intuitive platform, you get both a high-level AND granular view of your organization’s people, project and productivity data so that you can navigate IT challenges before they become a problem, enabling you to improve your operational performance. By leveraging this tool, you'll always have visibility across all aspects of your IT organization and powerful IT business insights at your fingertips. You can:

  • Review progress metrics for code quality, accrued technical debt, as well as team sprint workloads and velocities
  • Collaborate across the whole IT team to increase productivity and drive effective project delivery
  • Get a complete view of the entire project lifecycle, including IT KPIs that are critical to the entire organization and project ROI
  • Manage employee productivity and output across IT teams that span geographies
  • Identify candidates internally with the technical skills and experience that best match IT project demands
  • Discover any gaps in employee technical skills and provide the necessary resources to fill those gaps
  • Recruit top tech talent for new projects and manage the entire hiring process in one place
  • Monitor each employee’s attrition score to learn about the various factors that may lead individuals to leave the organization and retain them by providing internal career mobility opportunities
  • Embrace and extend rather than rip and replace existing IT systems of record


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