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Collaborate with team members across the entire organization


Drive Exceptional Experiences to Meet High Expectations in Technology Teams

When your tech employees have captivating experiences tailored to their individual needs, their productivity and professional growth will increase dramatically.

Elevate Productivity by Revitalizing IT Employee Engagement

It's the age of the connected customer, and IT employees have become accustomed to a high level of engagement and personalization in their everyday lives. Now, they're beginning to expect it in the workplace as well. With TelescopeAI™, your technology organization will have the platform they need to hone their technical and soft skills and develop professionally, as well as execute projects effectively. Here’s how TelescopeAI can help:


Get a full view of and demonstrate skills and capabilities

Understand the path to career fulfillment and continuously expand skill sets through a learning and development portal

Monitor and assess employee utilization to ensure workloads are balanced across the team

Determine which teams work well together and which teams require additional support to succeed

Evaluate an individual's productivity related to the larger team on critical enterprise projects

Recognize employee accomplishments through an interactive awards program

Collaborate with project stakeholders to mitigate project risks

Help influence enterprise KPIs as they are affected by projects

Unleash Powerful Data & Insights for Mission-Critical Functions

TelescopeAI uses advanced artificial intelligence and powerful predictive analytics to help your business operate at peak performance and come out ahead in a competitive landscape. Here are just a few of the advantages you get when using TelescopeAI:

  • Consolidate the KPIs that matter to you in a flexible, customizable dashboard 
  • View statuses, performance and efficiency of IT projects across the entire organization 
  • Review IT costs and ROIs of projects and activities, as well as the impact they have on the budget 
  • Assess key risks and challenges in projects and identify potential solutions based on historical data 
  • Visualize current project timelines and future projections based on existing data and past performance trends
  • Gauge the productivity of various technology teams engaged in projects 
  • Assess code quality including long-term code maintainability 
  • Discover people with specific technical skills who could fill new roles or contribute to projects as your business needs change 
  • Recognize employee performance and identify knowledge workers who are likely to leave the company
  • Give your  employees the opportunity to grow by offering a platform with technical learning and development programs 


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