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Uncover insights around employee skills and abilities through a user-friendly platform.

Telescope profiles for individuals provide a simple solution to finding people within your organization and discovering more about every individual you find. Each profile offers at-a-glance insights into employees' skills and abilities, such as technical skills, language, activities, projects, corporate trainings, social profile and more. With Telescope, you can:


  • Search for specific individuals within the company 
  • View employee abilities and accomplishments in an easy-to-navigate modular design
  • Celebrate employee achievements with gamified recognition features
  • Find employees with the right skills to fill future project roles
  • Understand employee skills gaps and identify potential development opportunities 
  • Discover and engage with employees critical for your ongoing success in the enterprise
  • Find the talented resources in your organization, needed for those mission-critical projects

Explore other modules

  • Dashboard

    Track, monitor and manage critical KPIs, and access the entire suite of applications in TelescopeAI.

  • Health Monitor
    Health Monitor

    Monitor which projects need support and see which are in good standing with a health overview.

  • Performance Monitor
    Performance Monitor

    View high-level details and specific information regarding current projects.

  • Global Menu
    Global Menu

    Access all internal systems and system notification and quickly search for people, projects and applications.