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Track, monitor and manage critical KPIs for each individual user on a highly configurable dashboard.

Dashboard gives you a high-level view into the following:



Manage all aspect of your team, including workloads and deliverables


Manage time and budgets associated with all of your projects, and ensure that each project meets its respective requirements


Monitor critical KPIs to ensure that you’re meeting targets, and achieving key organizational objectives

Configure your Dashboard with widgets giving you a comprehensive look into critical KPIs that are most relevant to you. With Dashboard, you can configure over 40 different widgets to:


  • Monitor and track employee attrition across the organization or your project team 
  • Utilize a variety of visually rich tools to track staffing and employee engagement KPIs 
  • Review and manage project teams by size, geography or individual engagements 
  • Understand the current status of open positions on your projects and proactively drive requisite talent acquisition for project success
  • Assess project defects to build an approach to resolve bug counts required for system go-live
  • Access a versatile toolset to represent unified data in a project, BU, office or country 
  • Split project dashboards for sub-projects to better understand each moving part in every project
  • Manage current and plan future workloads for individuals and teams
  • Understand project status and create proactive plans to drive success across your portfolio



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  • Global Menu
    Global Menu

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