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Let Your Data Speak For Itself

There's always a story hiding in your current and historical data. With powerful analytics, you can not only analyze the past, but also gain valuable outlooks to any challenges you may face down the road.

Glimpse into the Future So You Can Act in the Present

The ability to predict future trends or potential risks alone won't solve your business challenges, but it will provide the insight you need to build strategies around the most pressing items. Arming your employees with the tools it takes to discover, analyze and interpret data, TelescopeAI™ can help you accomplish the following:

Forecast trends within large populations, on timelines typically measured in months or years

Anticipate the outcome of project teams based on current data and trends

Reduce the time spent identifying major productivity risks from days to minutes

Turn Your Project & Employee Data into the Perfect Convergence of Insights

  • See the Information that Matters Most, through One Lens

    Pulling all your company's insights and intelligence together in one platform, TelescopeAI gives you a comprehensive view of your core KPIs to help you reach peak productivity.
  • A Flexible, Customizable Platform for Data Visualization

    Drag-and-drop, plug-and-play applications make interacting with your data a more compelling, practical and personalized experience.
  • Anticipate Potential Risks & Threats to your Operations

    When you're able to gauge what might happen in the future, you can act in the present to effectively navigate any obstacles.
  • Be More Intelligent about your Business

    Your high-stakes initiatives require people and projects to run smoothly and be executed successfully. TelescopeAI gives you a long-range view to accomplish just that.


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